Entry® is the only Green Seal certified ice-melt on the market.

What is Green Seal Certification? Green Seal is an environmental standard development and certification organization – certification is based on standards which contain performance, health, environmental innovation, and sustainability criteria. For Entry®, Green Seal certification means we have met rigorous standards proving we’re just as effective as conventional ice-melts without including harmful chemicals and chlorides that strain the health of our customers and the environment.

We choose to pursue Green Seal certification because we know just how high a standard Green Seal sets for products and what the certification means for those looking for better alternatives. Green Seal certification proves that we care about the health of our environment and our customers.

Entry® is the only Green Seal-certified ice melt on the market, and not a moment too soon. Mother Nature has begun showing serious signs of stress from the overuse of chloride de-icers. With Entry® these worries disappear.

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Entry® is safer for lawns and yards: Won’t dehydrate soil.

When ice and snow melt, they leave dead plants and grass in their wake. The vegetation isn’t killed by ice and snow itself, but rather by the products used to melt it.

Ice melt is often used near vegetation and runoff from ice melt makes its way onto lawns and gardens. Commonly used de-icers are chloride salt-based so they dehydrate plants – not only by direct contact, but by drying out the soil beneath them. No amount of water can reverse these effects. Once soil is dehydrated, it needs to be amended or replaced to support new growth.

Chloride-free, Entry® ice melt does not dry out soil and does not damage or kill plants, grass, trees, or shrubbery. Homeowners and groundskeepers with an eye on making outdoor spaces presentable in time for spring love Entry®

Entry® is better for safety.

The majority of slip and fall accidents happen after ice melt has been applied, highlighting the importance of product speed during winter storms: The faster ice melt works, the safer the situation. Because it’s already a liquid, Entry® doesn’t have to melt before it can start working giving faster results. Human safety is the reason we use ice melt. Cut down risk with chloride-free Entry®.

And Entry® keeps ice and snow melted. Entry’s potassium formate technology actually breaks down snow and ice molecules, preventing refreeze even well below zero. Most other ice melts produce a heat exchange that’s compromised by extreme cold.

Finally, unlike chloride-based salts, Entry® does not create oily residue when tracked inside (high finish floors like marble and granite become especially slippery) saving you from slip and falls accidents inside.

Entry® is safer for pets.

While many ice melts claim to be pet-friendly, that’s not entirely true. High performance ice melts work by generating heat. Lukewarm water temperature will rise to 140 degrees Fahrenheit when calcium chloride is added. Imagine the same effect on your pets’ paw pads. This is the burn risk that calcium chloride poses to cats and dogs (not to mention wild animals that might find themselves on treated surfaces).

Knowing this, many pet owners gravitate toward “pet safe” products. However, most are granular and can get lodged between paw pads, causing discomfort and the risk of infection.

Entry® chloride-free liquid ice melt is based on potassium formate technology that won’t burn paws or hurt animals when used as directed. And Entry® has been certified safe for pets by third-party toxicology and hazard assessment agency ToxServices. In fact, Entry® is the first ice melt to complete a toxicological risk assessment by an EPA-approved lab. Tough on snow and ice, safe for Fluffy and Fido. That’s Entry®.

Certifiably Safe

Third-party toxicological risk assessment firm ToxServices concludes that Entry® poses no health risk to pets or humans when used as directed.

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Entry® is safer for floors and surfaces.

Tough on snow, easy on floors. Entry’s non-corrosive neutral pH formula is chloride-free and is the first safe, effective ice melt that preserves indoor surfaces, requires no cleanup, and eliminates messes.

The average facility spends $50 per entrance on ice melt residue cleanup every time salt is applied. Multiply that by the number of times entrances are treated during a storm and throughout a season, and it’s easy to see how tens of thousands of dollars are spent each winter on interior product cleanup alone.

And there is long-term damage to floors. Chloride-based ice melts are highly corrosive, eroding floors and surfaces over time. Most are also granular, leaving scratches, dents, and marks. It sounds simple, but Entry is a massive breakthrough for homeowners and management fed up with ice melt’s toll on their floors – and budgets.

Entry® is safer for health

What goes in our soil goes into bodies of water. And what goes in our fresh water often ends up in the water we drink.

Studies show increased sodium levels in tap water in regions prone to ice and snow. This can be traced to the increasing amounts of sodium chloride rock salts used by towns, cities, homes, and businesses to prevent accidents on roads and on properties – ice melt that makes its way into lakes, rivers, streams, and eventually, our homes.  For individuals on low sodium diets, high salt levels are particularly worrisome.

By using chloride-free Entry®, we reduce the amount of sodium chloride in our drinking water. Entry® has added health benefits, too: It is safe for dermal contact when used as directed.

Entry® is safer for Metals

It’s no secret that salt corrodes metal. Look at any oceanfront pier, home, or store, and you can see how chloride salts increase oxidation, damaging metal surfaces in relatively short spans of time.

We tend to underestimate the toll that chloride salt-based ice melts inflict on metal, in large part because ice melt is perceived as temporary – something seasonal that’s cleaned up or washed away before it can cause harm.

The cost of replacing metal is steep. This reality points to the need for an ice melt that can spend months in contact with metal without undoing its integrity or appearance. That safer ice melt is chloride-free, Green Seal certified Entry®. Entry’s potassium formate technology is significantly less corrosive than chloride-based de-icers.

Entry® is safer for Concrete

Traditional ice melts do a number on concrete. Their key ingredient – chloride – loses potency as temperatures plummet, creating a thaw/refreeze cycle that traps water in concrete’s pores, ultimately cracking and altering its surface.

Entry’s lack of chloride is one reason it’s safer for concrete. Its neutral pH is another. Both make Entry® gentler on surfaces, but even more, contribute to Entry’s low refreeze point. When used as directed, a single application of Entry® prevents refreeze to temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. No more constant thawing and refreezing means less damage on concrete.

Entry’s potassium formate technology keeps you from choosing between human safety and the integrity and endurance of concrete. Keep concrete intact and in great shape all year long with chloride-free Entry®.

Entry® is better for nature

When we discuss chloride’s threat to the environment, this is what we’re talking about: Troublesome, chloride-driven problems making their way across our ecosystem – the full impact of which remain to be seen. In lakes nationwide, high chloride levels are causing widespread death among terrestrial plants. Adding insult to injury, these plants float to the surface when they die, blocking the sunlight necessary for other plants’ survival.

The first domino is tipped when salt converts fresh water into salt water. It’s a shift that can’t be reversed. Once fresh water becomes salty, it stays that way, alleviated only slightly by evaporation or water’s movement. With no natural way to purge chloride, sodium levels in water continue to rise. Since a very small percentage of the earth’s water is fresh, our own drinking supply is at stake, as is the fate of many plant and animal species.

With Entry®, concerns about the environment disappear. Because it’s chloride-free, Entry® provides the very same benefits of traditional ice melts without contributing to this larger environmental epidemic.