Frequently Asked Questions

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Entry® is ready to use. For best results, do not dilute.

Similar to rain, Entry® is a clear liquid that’s easily alleviated by doormats, by wiping feet, and by taking off shoes. Entry® won’t leave behind chalky residue, and there’s no reason to worry if it makes contact with floors. Its formulated pH range of 7.3-7.8 is neutral, which means it won’t damage surfaces the way high pH chlorides do.

Entry® is designed to be applied with any type of pro series sprayer. We find that most homeowners already own a sprayer capable of applying Entry®.

Not all stones are created equal.  For complete confidence, consult with your installation contractor on the compatibility between Entry’s key ingredient, Potassium formate, and decorative stones like granite or marble. This safety data sheet offers a detailed product profile.

Yes. If used as instructed, Entry’s chloride-free formula won’t dehydrate plants the way most de-icers do, and is safe for plants and turf.

You cannot over apply Entry®, but you can waste money, product, and time by spraying too much. Some users try to “pressure wash” residual snow or ice instead of applying the recommended rate and allowing Entry® to do the work. Over-applying won’t cause damage, but doesn’t make surfaces safer, either. Even more, it’s more expensive than necessary.

Entry® is a proprietary blend of Potassium formate and an adjuvant formulation designed to turn every spray droplet into a shape capable of breaking through ice’s molecular lattice. Additionally, Entry’s proprietary formulation is designed to reduce corrosion and tracking and to balance pH.

Yes. Entry® can be applied before the first flake falls, and generally melts between roughly one-quarter inch and one-half inch of snowfall.  As snow begins to accumulate, Entry® can be reapplied and similar outcomes can be expected.

We’re not sprayer experts, but there are some we really like. We have done much of our product testing with the Solo 454 and Solo 456 sprayers and have been very satisfied with their performance. This sprayer can be used to apply other Branch Creek products once winter turns to spring. These units are available online for prices ranging from $40 to $60.

Unless Entry® is being used in a very small area we suggest a fan tip nozzle, which has a straight line opening. Most sprayer purchases include at least one fan tip nozzle. We find that most fan nozzles that come with sprayers dispense approximately half the recommended rate of Entry®. This can be easily accommodated by making a second pass over the surface being treated. An Entry® nozzle is available on Amazon for $9 for anyone who wants to more accurately pinpoint the correct rate of application.

For best results, apply Entry® before snow accumulates, or shovel existing snow and apply Entry® before foot traffic compacts it and makes it impossible to fully melt.  Once there is a heavy pack of ice or snow, Entry® loses its edge, and ceases to be a cost effective alternative.